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The first post is a replacement post based in the Department of Clinical Imaging & Interventional Radiology at George Eliot hospital, Nuneaton, Warwickshire due to the retirement of the previous post holder. The second post is a new post in the same department due to increased workload.

The successful candidates will be joining a trust with excellent professional and academic links with the University of Warwick Medical School and which boasts a first class modern education and conference facility in the George Eliot Training and Education Centre (GETEC) on the main hospital site. The trust is continuing with a period of transformation in order to achieve our stated aim of excelling at patient care and providing services which make our local communities proud and which other providers strive to emulate. The Keogh Review of 2013 has acted as a catalyst for a transformation programme which promises to revolutionise the services we provide to our patients. George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust is the only acute care organisation within the Coventry & Warwickshire Sustainability and Transformation Programme (STP) to achieve an overall good rating in their last formal Care Quality Commission inspections.


Over five million pound has been invested in the Department within last two years to upgrade its CT, MRI, Ultrasound and Interventional Radiology equipment. All radiologists are provided with personal office equipped with individual PACS workstation and high speed internet access.


Newly appointed consultants will benefit from a mentorship programme to ensure there is full support on commencement in post.

The Trust has recently introduced a Consultant Foundation Programme, led by the Medical Director with internal and external mentors, with the following aims:

  • raise awareness of the new consultant’s role and the importance of their impact in interacting with, leading and influencing their team
  • explore how to deliver safe and effective care within a wider clinical and trust environment
  • understand how to work successfully within the NHS environment, balancing targets, finance and with other agencies

The Trust supports the requirements for continuing professional development (CPD) as laid down by the GMC and royal colleges; and is committed to providing time and financial support for these activities.


The CT and MRI suites within the Department of Clinical Imaging & Interventional Radiology are used as national reference centre for Siemens Medical System for site visits. These facilities were completed in 2015 and 2016 respectively and are of excellent quality. All four scanners are equipped with the latest hardware and software for their classes.


The vacant post due to the retirement of a substantive radiologist is currently filled with a Locum Consultant Radiologist. There are another six substantive Consultant Radiologists and one Associate Specialist employed in the Department of Clinical Imaging & Interventional Radiology at George Eliot Hospital. The work of the newly created post is currently covered by existing radiologists as additional remunerated activities and part time locum radiologists. The department also gets a 2nd and/or 3rd year Clinical Radiology Specialist Trainee from the West Midlands Clinical Radiology Training Scheme based at Birmingham.


The newly appointed post holders may develop special interests that are complimentary to the existing interests and departmental workload. The Directorate will be flexible and would wish to accommodate any particular special interests that candidates may have. The new post holders will take part in the on call rota (1 in 8 with prospective cover) at the George Eliot Hospital for Clinical Imaging.


Although both the advertised post are full time (10 Programmed Activities) post trust accommodates flexible or part time working and job share if appropriate to fulfil the life style need(s) of prospective candidates.

A formal job plan will be agreed between the Post-holders and Radiology Clinical Lead, on behalf of the Medical Director.

The Job Plan will then be reviewed annually, following the Appraisal Meeting. The Job Plan will be a prospective agreement that sets out a consultant’s duties, responsibilities and objectives for the coming year.  It will cover all aspects of a consultant’s professional practice including clinical work, teaching, research, education and managerial responsibilities.  It will provide a clear schedule of commitments, both internal and external.  In addition, it will include personal objectives, including details of their link to wider service objectives, and details of the support required by the consultant to fulfil the job plan and the objectives.

Provisional assessment of Programmed Activities in Job Plan:

For a full-time contract:

  • Direct Clinical Care: 7.5 to 8.5 PAs on average per week (includes clinical activity, clinically related activity, predictable & unpredictable emergency clinical work)
  • Supporting Professional Activities: 1.5 to 2.5 PAs per week e.g. Teaching, participating in student exams, and audit; or taking on a lead role e.g. for Audit, Research, Education in the department and to participate in peer assessments. Each doctor is allocated 1.5 PA of SPA for Personal Development, Mandatory Training, Appraisal, Job Planning etc. but the additional SPA over initial 1.5 SPA depends on agreement in Job Plan review with the clinical manager and trust’s medical director.


Example of a 10 PA Job Plan

  • CT – 1 or 2 PA
  • MRI 2 to 3 PA
  • Ultrasound 1 PA
  • Plain X-ray  Image Reporting / Fluoroscopy – 1 Pa
  • Consultation / Vetting / Clinical Administration – 1 PA
  • On call 0.5 PA
  • SPA 1.5 to 2.5

The exact timetable and rota will be subject to amendments and adjustments by the Radiology Clinical Service Lead according to the service need following consultation with other radiology team members. Consultants are expected to teach undergraduates and post-graduates as and when appropriate.

On call

On-call commitment for the post-holder will be 1 in 8 with prospective cover. The availability supplement for the on-call commitment will be reimbursed in Band A due to ‘typical’ requirement of the post holders to come back to hospital when called for Ultrasound or Screening examinations. The average unpredictable on-call commitment (DCC) for the posts is expected to be around 0.5 PA. CT on-calls are outsourced to a Teleradiology provider (Medica) between 9 PM to 9AM. At present department appoints Locum Consultant Radiologist between 9 am and 5 pm on weekends and bank holiday but it would change in the future with further consultant expansion with introduction of seven day working for all radiologists.

The post-holders will be expected, as a general Radiologist to undertake all types of work through the hospital (e.g. respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, strokes, colorectal surgery, cancers etc.): and any interest from candidates in the radiology departments’ specialist investigations including Cardiac, GI and Interventional radiology etc. will be encouraged.



Modality 2013/2014 2014/2015 2015/2016
Plain Radiography 68136 66826 69876
MRI 10587 12394 13744
CT 11284 12176 13061
Non-Obstetric Ultrasound 15587 16632 19547
Interventional 228 281 250
Fluoroscopy / X-ray Screening 2175 2098 2061
TOTAL 107997 110407 118539


5.1.1 Clinical Radiology Medical Staff (with Start Years, Additional Roles & Main Interest)

Dr Sankar P Sinha, Consultant Radiologist (1997): Lead for Radiology Service Development & College Tutor for the Royal College of Radiologists – Interventional Radiology

Dr Amitabh Palit, Consultant Radiologist (2001): Lead for Radiology Undergraduate Teaching & Training of Allied Health Care Professionals – Cross Sectional Imaging

Dr M Jyothish Kumar, Associate Specialist (2003): Lead for Radiology Library & Clinical Observers – Ultrasound

Dr Ashwini Kumar, Consultant Radiologist (2008):  Lead for Updating Departmental Policies and Protocols – Cross Sectional Imaging

Dr Jamal Abdulkarim, Consultant Radiologist (2009):  Lead for Radiology Clinical Governance, Research & Clinical Radiation Expert – Cross Sectional Imaging

Dr Navin Angurala, Consultant Radiologist (2015): Lead for Radiology Audit Programme – Cross Sectional Imaging

Dr Zsolt Tarjan, Consultant Radiologist (2016): Lead for Radiology IT – Cross Sectional Imaging

5.1.2 Support Staff

Service Manager Band 8a                                             1 WTE

Superintendent Radiographer Band 7                        3 WTE

Reporting Radiographer Band 7                                 1 WTE

Senior Radiographer Band 6                                       21 WTE

Radiographer  Band 5                                                     5 WTE

Student Radiographer                                                5 Placements

Patient Care Assistants                                               11.5 WTE

Advanced Practitioner Ultrasound Band 7                 3.8 WTE

PACS Manager Band 7                                              0.8 WTE

Medical Secretary Band 4                                          0.8 WTE

Secretary Band 3                                                        0.53 WTE

Administrative and Clerical Band 3                            5.4 WTE

Administration and Clerical Band 2                            3.1 WTE

Radiology Nurses Band 6                                           3.8 WTE


5.2.1  Accommodation

The Radiology Department is situated in a modern spacious building opened in 1987.  Since 1987 the department has expanded and now contains seven radiographic rooms and three ultrasound rooms.  A new two-storied cross-sectional imaging suite was opened in April 2005 as an extension of the department with uplift of the rest of the departmental accommodation. There are new works in our Capital Programme plan to now install two new CT scanners to develop a CT imaging suite in 2014/15; and the plan for 2015/16 is for the upgrade of the existing MRI scanner with an additional new MRI scanner to develop the MRI Imaging suite

5.2.2  Radiographic Rooms

In detail, radiographic rooms are as follows:-

Room 1           Carestream DR 7500 Direct Digital Radiography equipment installed                                in 2008.

Room 2           General X-ray room with Philips DigitalDiagnost Flex equipment                                         installed in 2014.

Room 3           Toshiba Multipurpose C-arm Digital fluoroscopy room with DSA, Videofluoroscopy facility and full vascular package installed in 2008

Room 4           Digital Intervention room supplied by Philips Healthcare; the Allura Xper                                                   FD20C with integrated Ultrasound, Image Link, Rotational Scan,                                                   Roadmapping, MR / CT Roadmap and XPERCT; installed in 2013

Room 5           General purpose Zenith CR X-ray room, with Dental X-ray, SIRONA     ORTHOPHOS XG PLUS CEPH

Room 6          This former dedicated IVU room now integrated into our CT Suite.

Room 7           Carestream DR 7500 Direct Digital Radiography equipment installed                                in 2010.

Each group of X-ray rooms is serviced by sub-waiting areas and changing cubicles.

Accident and Emergency Department is next to the Radiology Department and patients from A&E can directly access the imaging rooms without any unnecessary delay in the hospital corridors.

5.2.3  Ultrasound Suites

Ultrasound Room 1 – GE Logic E9 XD Clear with all available probes (C1-5D, IC5-9D, 9LD, ML6-16D and L8-18iD) with full vascular, Logic View (Panoramic) and Elastography packages installed in September 2015.

Ultrasound Room 2 – Toshiba Aplio MX iStyle Colour Doppler with a range of four transducers installed in 2010.

Ultrasound Room 3 – GE Logic E9 XD Clear with all available probes (C1-5D, IC5-9D, 9LD, ML6-16D and L8-18iD) with full vascular, Logic View (Panoramic) and Elastography packages installed in February 2016.

All ultrasound rooms have sub-waiting, changing and toilet facilities.  Apart from    routine probes, specialised probes for small parts, vascular (5 MHz and 7.5          MHz), musculo skeletal endorectal, endovaginal examinations are also available in       the department.  All scanners are connected to Insignia Insight PACS. Outpatient Ultrasound Facility

Ultrasound Room 4     Toshiba Aplio MX iStyle Colour Doppler with a range of five transducers including specifics for MSK installed in October 2011

5.2.4   CT Imaging Suite

CT Room 1: Siemens Somatom Definition AS+ 1 1-DDJLPU 128 slice scanner with full dose reduction module and cardiac scanning capability installed in January 2015

CT Room 2: Siemens Somatom Definition AS 1 1-D9A30P 64 slice scanner with full dose reduction module installed in March 2015

5.2.5 MRI Imaging Suite

MRI Room 1: Siemens 3T Magnetom Skyra MRI scanner with whole body imaging capability installed in June 2016.

MRI Room 2: Siemens 1.5T Magnetom Aera MRI scanner with full cardiac and whole body imaging capability installed in March 2016.

5.3.1  Mobile Image Intensifiers 3 new Fluorostar Image Intensifiers were purchased over the last 2 years. 1 of these has additional software for use in Urology cases and a further 1 has additional cardiac software

5.3.2  Mobile X-ray Units Two GEC AMX4 mobile X-ray machines are available for use in the main hospital building. A  GEC AMX4 mobile X-ray machine is available for use in maternity building and Special Care Baby unit.

5.4     Obstetric Ultrasound Antenatal Department in the maternity hospital building houses three Toshiba ultrasound machines, all with Colour Doppler facility for obstetric scanning.

5.5. PACS, RIS & SyngoVia Thin-client for CT & MRI Image Analysis

In 2013 we replaced the PACS system with Insignia Insight and installed the Soliton Radiology+ RIS system. The department is equipped with thirteen Radiologists’ reporting workstations; each of the 8 Radiologists office has its own dedicated workstation with others in different reporting locations for trainee radiologists and reporting radiographers. Sonographers also report ultrasound examinations in each ultrasound room. Voice recognition is fully implemented in the department. SyngoVia thin-client is integrated with PACS workstation in March 2015.

5.5.1 Hospital wide Information Systems

All hospital computers have high-speed Internet access through NHS N3 network. The organisation has installed the Trust wide Lorenzo system Patient Administration System from the national IT programme in 2012. Trust’s Review Clinical Information System for clinical result and document sharing system will be upgraded in early 2017 for electronic ordering of diagnostic tests.


 6.1 Radiology Management Team

Clinical Manager – Dr Sankar P Sinha

Service Manager – Mr Graham Clark

6.2 Management Support for Radiology Management Team

Trust’s Clinical Imaging & Interventional Radiology Services are within its Clinical Business Unit 6. Clinical Director, General Manager, HR Advisor, Matron & Accountant of CBU 6 support the Radiology Management Team to deliver a high quality efficient Clinical Imaging & Interventional Radiology Service for the trust.

  • Performing and reporting clinical imaging & Interventional radiology examinations
  • Provide a consultation service and advisory service to other clinical colleagues in other specialties within the Trust and Primary Care.
  • Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with medical colleagues in other specialties and participate in regular clinical meetings and other post graduate activities. 
  • Develop and maintain good communications with General practitioners and appropriate external agencies.
  • Participate in the development of the care of patients arriving as emergencies.
  • Comply with all relevant Trust Policies and Procedures.
  • Ensure that all trust wide standards are maintained to improve the quality of total care to all who come in contact with services provided by GEH.
  • Ensure compliance with all appropriate legal and statutory requirements, including Health and Safety, Standing financial Instructions and Incident Reporting.
  • Share responsibility for data protection arising out of the use of computers
  • Demonstrate a firm involvement in Clinical Governance, Risk Management and Clinical Audit – this will include the development and maintenance of appropriate systems and practices to ensure continued safe clinical practice.
  • Take responsibility for the professional supervision and development of trainee doctors and other staff within the specialty. This will include the appraisal of doctors in training.
  • Ensure own practice is up-to-date which will include taking responsibility for own Continuous Professional Development and participating in the Trust’s Performance and Annual Review system.
  • The Trust supports the requirements for Continuing Medical Education as laid down by the Royal College of Radiologists and is committed to providing time and financial support for these activities as per Trust policy.


The Trust is affiliated to the Warwick Medical School (see later) and the post-holder will be   expected to actively participate in Undergraduate teaching. GETEC (George Eliot Training & Education Centre) has a state of the art Clinical Skills department (see later).

The post holders will be expected to take part in the teaching of medical students in radiology. The post holders will be expected to take part in exit examinations for the university.

The post holders will support postgraduate trainees during their posting to the hospital.


There is an active audit programme assisted by the Clinical Audit department and this is being developed further in line with clinical governance and setting standards for clinical practice.  All Medical staffs are required to participate in audit. All radiologists participate in weekly Radiology Discrepancy Meeting and monthly Radiology Management Meeting.



 The University of Warwick

Warwick is one of the UK’s leading research universities.  In the Funding Councils’ 2001 Research Assessment Exercise, Warwick was rated fifth in national rankings, with over 91% of staff in departments with top research ratings of 5 or 5*, including the following with significant medical and medically-related research interests: Biological Sciences, Warwick Business School, Sociology, Philosophy, History and Applied Social Studies.  22 out of 24 academic departments assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency had their teaching quality rated as “excellent” or scored 21 or more points out of 24; 7 departments had perfect scores of 24.

The University is situated on a site of over 700 acres of pleasant land on the boundary between Coventry and Warwickshire. It has a turnover of over £210 million per annum and a total student population of 20,000. Of these, over 6,500 are postgraduates.

Warwick Medical Schools (WMS)

Dean WMS:  Professor Sudhesh Kumar.

The Medical School at Warwick was established in 2000 as part of an expansion in the number of Medical School’s nationally to deliver the additional capacity needed to support the Government’s plan to increase the number of UK trained medical graduate’s joining the NHS.

The undergraduate MB ChB course at Warwick is a four-year graduate entry programme which requires entrants to already have a first degree in biological sciences or a similar subject. The initial element of the course (Phase 1) lasts for about 18 months and provides a foundation in the clinical and social sciences with some elements of clinical experience and this is followed by Phase 2 which is organised as a series of clinical placements in local NHS organisations lasting for about 36 months.

The annual intake to the MB ChB programme is 164 home students and 14 overseas students and the vast majority of our students progress to Foundation Training posts in local West Midlands NHS Trusts following their graduation.

The School is also very active in the provision of postgraduate and continuing professional development programmes. The School provides a number of entry routes into postgraduate study, students can initially register for our flexible master programme in Health Sciences which allows students to select their own combination of modules from the wide range on offer to build sufficient credit for the award of a master degree. We also offer specialist masters programmes in Child Health, Medical Education, Public Health, Implant Dentistry and a number of other subject areas. We offer short courses both accredited and non-accredited in areas such as diabetes care (Warwick Diabetes Care), clinical systems improvement and team building.


For further information visit the Warwick University website:


The post-holders will be accountable to the Trust’s management structure for all Trust duties (direct clinical care, research, teaching, management). This includes adherence to all Trust policies. Within the Clinical Business Unit 6 the post holders will be directly accountable to the Clinical Service Lead for Radiology and the CBU 6 General Manager.


The Consultant will be appointed by the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust.  The Terms & Conditions will be in accordance with nationally agreed conditions of service for Consultants (England) 2003 in the National Health Service as approved by the Secretary of State for Health and may be amended from time to time.  The post-holder is required to act in accordance with local Policies & Procedures agreed by the Trust and the Local Negotiating Committee.


To apply please go to

Candidates are welcome to visit the Department and initial contact should be made with any of the following:

Dr Sankar P Sinha, Consultant Radiologist – 02476 86 5391 / 5396 (

Mrs Liz Mathers, CBU 6 General Manager – 07775 01 5823 (

Job Requirements


    ·      Full GMC registration with a licence to practise and Entry on the Specialist Register in Clinical Radiology (or CCT expected within 6 months of interview date)








    Clinical Experience


    ·         Clinical training and experience equivalent to that required for gaining (UK) CCT in Clinical Radiology

    ·         Ability to offer expert clinical opinion on range of problems both emergency and elective within specialty

    ·         Ability to take full and independent responsibility for clinical care of patients

    ·         Expertise in cross sectional imaging where specified










    Knowledge & Skills


    ·         Thorough and detailed knowledge of medical audit, medical education, current clinical and medical best practice

    ·         Understanding of the Clinical Governance process

    ·         Ability to lead, communicate, liaise and negotiate with others

    ·         Ability to advise on efficient and smooth running of specialist service

    ·         Ability to motivate, innovate and support staff of all disciplines

    ·         Ability to manage and lead clinical team

    ·         Competent in basic information technology

    ·         Ability to supervise, appraise, coach and mentor trainee and other doctors

    ·         Understanding of the concepts of management

    ·         Experience of service development

    ·         Awareness of health service reforms and issues across all healthcare economy

















    Teaching & Education


    ·         Experienced in demonstrating clinical procedures/techniques to other healthcare professionals

    ·         Commitment to continuing medical education

    ·         Ability to organise and participate in and evidence of teaching and training undergraduate and postgraduate students

    ·         Appraisal and assessment training skills









    Audit / Research & Publications


    • Undertaken complete audit cycle
    • Ability to demonstrate recent evidence of relevant and continued research
    • Participated in completed clinical research projects
    • Ability to apply research outcomes to clinical practice
    • Published research in peer-reviewed journals
    • Knowledge of clinical governance issues
    • Interest and awareness of research methodology










    Personal Qualities

    ·      Ability to work in a team

    ·      Enquiring, critical approach to work

    ·      Ability to communicate effectively with patients, relatives, GPs, nurses and other agencies

    ·      Commitment to Continuing Medical Education

    ·      Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing in English

    ·         Caring attitude to patients

    ·         Enquiring, critical approach to work

    ·         Excellent inter-personal qualities

    ·         Ability to listen and communicate effectively (written, public speaking and presentational)

    ·         Ability to work collaboratively with the Executive Team

    ·         Ability to achieve objectives

    ·         Ability to work within a multi-professional and multidisciplinary framework

    ·         Good organisational skills

    ·         Ability to motivate and support staff of all disciplines

    ·         Excellent personal time and management skills





















    Other Requirements


    ·      An understanding of the current NHS environment, particularly in relation to reforms, initiatives and issues

    ·      Able to meet the travel requirements of the job and return to the hospital within 30 minutes when on call









How To Apply

2/15/2017 Consultant Radiologist x2 posts 1/2


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