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New jobs website launched to tackle radiologist shortage in UK

A new, free online jobs website targeting radiologists has been launched in response to the ongoing radiologist shortage in the UK.

The website – – offers NHS Trusts time unlimited advertising space with no fees and is aiming to become the central website for all radiology job vacancies in the UK.

RadJobs was set up by Dr Syed Junaid, a trainee radiologist in South Wales and is managed by a group of enthusiastic healthcare professionals.

“We started the site because Wales – like many parts of the UK – is facing a recruitment crisis” said Junaid. “Vacancies were not getting adequate exposure either in the UK or internationally due to the high costs associated with traditional job websites or their limited impact because of their generic nature.”

“Advertising in a well known medical jobsite can cost up to £1400 for a two-week slot” explains Junaid, “and the NHS Jobs website does not have a good reach as radiology jobs are lost amongst 17,000 other jobs.”

“RadJobs is free, powerful and designed to save radiology departments time and money in recruitment costs,” says Junaid. “The site is very user-friendly and it takes less than five minutes to register and post a job. Trusts can simply paste any active job ads they may on existing job sites straight on to ours for nothing – it’s a win-win.”

The site also allows recruiters to upload promotional videos that showcase the hospital and surrounding location to help attract potential candidates, particularly those outside the UK.

“Recruitment initiatives like this are desperately needed in this country, “said Dr Nicola Strickland, President of The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) which has welcomed the website. “The UK is currently facing a critical shortage of consultant radiologists and we need to make the effort ourselves to find more ways to attract the best ones to work here.”

“The RCR often receives requests from consultant radiologists abroad who are looking for work in the UK. Now we can simply direct them to RadJobs.”


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